Consciousness Defined

trip west ScottieI’m not really sure the dictionary can completely define what this word means to everyone.  This is because, if you’ve really pondered what consciousness means and happened to have gone on line to get some information, you have found thousands of answers, been lead to hundreds of websites selling books, hypnosis, meditation techniques, psycho-therapy and more.   A lot of us are seeking answers to what in  is going on in this world these days and that has led many of us into the realm of self discovery which often leads us to this word consciousness.  So, here goes- the definition of consciousness – 1. the state of being conscious (hello), awareness of one’s own existence, sensations thoughts, surroundings, etc.  There are seven definitions in my dictionary and number 7 says- Philosophy, the mind or the mental faculties as characterized by thought, feelings and volition. Okay, so that’s a range.  What about “higher consciousness”, “collective consciousness” “class consciousness”, “self-consciousness” etc.?

I guess these days when I think of or talk about consciousness, I’m thinking of a kind of travelling, plasma-like invisible energy mass surrounding and flowing through everything that is infinite and contains all.  Some people call that God.  I do too but I don’t think everyone or maybe anyone would describe it exactly the same. Calling consciousness God brings up a lot of protest and debate for a lot of us because we may already have our own ideas and images and embedded beliefs about God.  So a travelling blob of  plasma-like energy just may not be acceptable.  Sorry, but you have to admit, it is a conversation starter.

This idea in my mind of consciousness has taken hold over a long period of time in which I have spent many hours reading about spirit, science, sitting in meditation and prayer, chanting mantras, practicing breath work and yoga and listening to masters of enlightenment.  These books and articles and audios have found there way to me in different ways some with uncanny synchronicity(which is a word I blogged about earlier).  I believe that when you read or watch or otherwise discover something that feels strangely familiar and comforting even though it’s new, it resonates with something you already carry in your being and you then expand your perception or your mind or your consciousness.

I’m keeping this as light and simple as possible but I assure you I have gone down the rabbit hole on some of this self discovery and it is not always clear and sometimes it is scary.  Still, I’m curious about finding my clues to some of the big questions.  Writing this blog is a way for me to stay involved in the discovery and possibly converse with like-minded people who are searching and discovering their own clues.  Feel free to comment.  It doesn’t have to make perfect sense.

Author: SharonK

I am a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend and some other labels BUT, first and foremost I am a being on this wild planet finding my way like everyone else.

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