About Me

I am a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend and some other labels BUT, first and foremost I am a being on this wild planet finding my way like everyone else.  I have been in the mortgage/real estate industry as a career since 1999.  I have three adult children and I will always feel and say that even though our youngest died at the age of 30 in 2016.  That, more than anything in my life, has set me on this course to seek understanding.  It has redefined my purpose, my opinions, my outlook and recently my sense of direction.  I’ve read many many books on the subjects of afterlife, death, grief, spiritual dimensions, psychological characteristics, archetypes, dreams, meditation, etc.  I have meditated, contemplated, walked, screamed, cried, practiced yoga, written in my journals, drank and prayed.  I’m not ashamed of any of these coping strategies because they’ve each had their benefits.

I like to be active.  I like to meditate.  I love being with my grandkids. I like practicing the piano knowing I will never have any real talent.  I like gardening except for the digging part.  I love my yoga class.  I love to walk and talk with good friends –that’s the best therapy beside talking to my mom.  I’ve come to understand that  I can’t make people change (believe me I’ve tried) but I can love them for who they are.  From the movie A River Runs Through It: “you can love completely without complete understanding”