Main Idea

This site will be dedicated to you and me toward exploration of psychological and spiritual awareness through personal experiences and insights.  It is not the last word on any subject and I welcome your comments and stories of personal experience on subjects you consider to be spiritual lessons or keys to your own psychological turning points.

I will take the liberty to assume that you/me/we will benefit in some interesting (hopefully positive) way from the sharing of our experiences, opinions and insights.  With that said, please feel free here to have a view or opinion on what you’ve read or what you have contributed.  I ask only that you offer your insights and opinions in a way that is honorable to you and others who visit this site.  In other words… be honest but kind.

Full disclosure:  I am not a psychologist or spiritual guide and have no religious affiliate or certificate or license to practice.  However, I have had a lot of life experience – joyful, tragic, frustrating and exhilarating and I am curious and fascinated with other people’s walks in life.  So this blog is essentially a way to gather and share knowledge.  The main purpose will be to give and receive help with navigating these lives we are living.

Easy Policy

Tell the truth but be kind.  No profanity.  No racial slurs.  No gender bashing.  No political rhetoric.  No selling your own products.

References and recommendations to books, audios, music, articles, helpful practices are welcome here but this is not the place to promote your own products.  Get your own site for that.

Again, honesty is welcome but name calling and insults won’t be tolerated.  Go punch a pillow or take a walk. Be helpful in the most loving way you can.  You don’t have sugarcoat or send flowers but try not to stomp on anyone’s heart if you can avoid it.