More on Meditation

Thoughts on Meditation Continued

In my previous blog Meditation Is Boring, I discussed my experience with starting meditation.  I have been meditating pretty regularly for about two and a half years now and I can honestly say that boring is not a word I use to describe meditation even on my frustrating days.  At this point, I welcome the stillness and the quiet and the opportunity I give myself to go inward.  It is often mysterious and sometimes VERY revealing with quick dream-like images that float in and out of my “space” or (dare I admit) voices while sitting.

Over the past two-plus years, I have tried several different methods for meditation including Yoga Nidra in my local yoga studio, Hemi-sync which is a technology created by Robert Monroe that involves listening to audio with binaural beats to induce different levels of consciousness i.e. Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.  Beta being the most waking and Delta being deep,dreamless sleep. Plus I have listened to guided meditations or just music specifically designed for meditation.  I can’t say I enjoyed all of the methods I tried. Usually, if I get 15 minutes into a guided meditation or music I don’t like, I just turn it off.  I usually don’t pay a lot of money for these because you can find a lot on YouTube(I like the “Good Vibes” channel).

Alone or In A Group

 I have also been content to sit in silence the majority of my practice.  This takes some getting used to but I have come to cherish it.  I like the feeling of expansion and awareness and love that comes over me from what seems like nowhere.  Dr. Joe Dispenza says it perfectly “sit your body down”, “understand you are no one, nowhere, no time…”  “you go from particle to wave”.  He knows a thing or two about quantum physics.  See my recommendation to him on my  Products That Help.   I have also found group meditation to be helpful, interesting and very loving.  If you have a good local place to practice, try it at least once.  If you feel shy about this, don’t.  Remember everyone is there seeking silence, reflection and peace.

Variety Can Be Interesting

All this being said, there are many ways to learn and enjoy meditation, again, I have some great recommendations on my Products That Help page.  I will gladly hand over money to have a meditative experience that I am really curious about.  I have tried shamanic breath-work which goes pretty deep and can be quite emotional. I have also tried kundalini-type yoga followed by meditation which is a beautiful experience and “sound bath” meditation which is hosted by someone who uses singing bowls, chimes and gongs. That also was a beautiful – very high vibration experience.  I’ve attended one drum circle – pretty cool but not my favorite and several kirtan circles. Kirtan is basically music that is based on chants and chanting is a big part of it.  That may sound strange but when you’re with a large group of like-minded people and you’re all chanting the same thing, it is transformative!  By experimenting with different methods of meditation, you will find a practice that “speaks” to you and that will help turn the practice into a privilege you give yourself rather than a discipline you adhere to. 

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